How to safely do online shopping from all eCommerce websites in the UK?

How to safely do online shopping from all eCommerce websites in the UK?

If you want to know more about how to safely do online shopping from all eCommerce websites in the UK this article is for you! Read to know more!

Choose reputed websites:

Many eCommerce websites offer great deals on various products and services. But not all those websites are safe to use for your online shopping needs. Before you choose any website for your purchase, make sure it is safe and secure enough to protect your personal information like credit card details and other sensitive data. You can always check reviews or read through their privacy policy before making any purchases from them.

Use strong passwords:

A strong password is very important to protect your data from cybercriminals who try to steal credit card information or other confidential information using various means such as phishing attacks, malware, etc. Always use a combination of letters and numbers.

Check for an address:

If it says ‘www’ then it’s a website. If it says ‘HTTP://’ then it should have an address ending in ‘com’ or ‘co. uk. If there are any other suffixes (such as .org), don’t enter your details on that site! You may be accessing a scammer’s website or using a search engine that has been compromised by criminals who want to steal your details.

Check for a phone number:

If the website doesn’t have a contact number listed, don’t buy anything from them unless you’re 100% sure they’re legitimate. Fraudsters often use fake contact numbers so they can avoid being identified as fraudsters when customers try to contact them about their purchases (or returns).

What to do in case of problems?

Use Eshopsecu:

Eshopsecu is the leading provider of eCommerce security, with a mission to safeguard your right to reimbursements and assist you in your refund claim within 90 days of purchasing from any online retailer worldwide.

The company helps you with the chargeback procedure according to Visa/Protection MasterCard’s criteria. This way, you do not have to deal with the retailer. Before getting back your money, you need to go through a specific process with Eshopsecu. 

You can claim in three simple steps:

If you have an issue with an online purchase, the first step is to reach out to Eshopsecu. You can contact The Company via call, email, or chat. However, you must reach out within 90 days of making the online purchase. During this step, The company will help you determine if your issue is worth making a claim.

After reaching out to the company, the next step is submitting your claim. Before submitting the claim, be sure to check the requirements to ensure your purchase is eligible for a claim. Here are those requirements:

-Payments need to be made using a Visa/Mastercard/Amex card.

-You have 90 days from the date of purchase to make a claim.

-Your purchase should fit specific scenarios.

What are the different documents to be provided?

The details of the purchase, including any descriptions or promotions of the product that you relied on, as well as any contract you signed and any other correspondence with the retailer regarding the issue.

What are the biggest advantages of Eshopsecu?

You can ask for a refund via the Eshopsecu website. It is crucial to contact them before claiming with because they need enough time to answer your complaint or fulfill your purchase before you send a claim through  The process of claiming a refund with this company is simple. You can do it on their website without any complications.  The company frees you from having to deal directly with the company you purchased from, as you can follow their chargeback procedures according to Visa and MasterCard regulations instead of having to deal with their complicated procedures yourself.

If you have bought a damaged product, booked a ticket for a trip that will not take place, have received a product that does not fit its description, or are unsatisfied with the services you paid for, you can contact us. We will be glad to help you resolve any problem you might be facing.


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