Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



Please read these terms of service (“terms”, “terms of service”) carefully before using our Service (as defined below) operated by Eshopsecu, address: 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR,  (the “Company”, “us”, “we”, “our”). The membership provides members with an online refund assistance (the “Services”) with conditions and description listed below. The Service is available for all members enrolled in the service (”Active Member”).

Terms of Services:

Members can make a refund claim under Eshopsecu from the 15th day to the 90th day after the purchase of a qualifying product.

Members can make a claim under the following conditions:

  1. You purchase was made using a Visa/Mastercard card
  2. You make a claim within 90 days of your purchase
  3. Supply the correct documents:
  • details of the purchase
  • details of anything that was said that you have relied on
  • any contract you were given
  • any other correspondence you have had with the retailer when trying to fix the problem.

We’ll assist you with getting a full refund for any online purchase you aren’t satisfied with if:

  1. you do not get the goods or services
  2. goods or services turned out to be faulty, counterfeit, or defective (you will need to return the goods in order to get a refund in this case)
  3. you are charged the wrong amount, or charged twice by mistake
  4. you are charged for a repeat payment after cancelling a subscription
  5. the product or service is faulty
  6. the company you bought the product or service from does not deliver what they have promised

If you paid something costing over £100 and up to £30,000 with your credit card, you may be legally entitled to get some or all of your money back if:

  • the product or service is faulty
  • the company you bought the product or service from breaks their contract with you
  • the company you bought the product or service from does not deliver what they have promised (also known as a misrepresentation).

Members can only make a claim on one item per week.

The claim must be made by an Active Member that has paid his subscription fee on time. If Member cancels their membership, they will still be entitled to make claims until the end of their subscription period.


  • the item is purchased using a credit arrangement that is not Visa/Mastercard Credit/Debit card.
  • where you paid for something on behalf of someone else and the retailer’s contract is not with the cardholder
  • where the item is purchased through a payment processor such as PayPal or an online marketplace selling 3rd party items such as Amazon
  • where you used a gift card to purchase the item, even if the gift card was purchased using a credit card. However, if the value of the gift card is more than £100 and the company has gone out of business you should be able to recover the cost of the gift card.

How to make a claim:

  • Members must make a claim under the Make a claim page and provide the following information:

    • the name of the retailer you have paid money to
    • the date you paid the money and how you paid it (e.g. in store, over the phone, or online – and if online, whether that was through a payment platform such as PayPal or Klarna)
    • a detailed description of the goods or services you paid for (e.g. colour, brand, size of goods), and estimated delivery dates
    • what has gone wrong with the goods or services delivery
    • proof of the return of goods to the retailer, if they are faulty
    • if you know that the retailer has gone out of business, you should direct your card provider to their website (where there will likely be a message from its insolvency practitioner).

    The process for managing these claims is determined by the Visa rules, we can’t guarantee the claim will be successful

    Eshopsecu is subject to change without notice. The Company reserves the right to deny a claim to prevent fraud or abuse, or to ensure the integrity of the Eshopsecu website. The Eshopsecu has a quantity limit of one claim per member per week.

    The Company provides all rights if the shopper or merchant, individually or in consultation with others, attempts to circumvent these Terms of Use, commit fraud, or abuse the Eshopsecu.

Refund Policy

1 month of membership fees are refundable if the service and none of its benefits were used during that period